Pitäjänmäki Youth Centre

In Pitäjänmäki Youth Centre you can play various games or simply hang out at our youth centre. Our facilities include ping pong, pool and football tables, PlayStation 3 and 4, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360, a gym hall to play floorball, futsal or basketball in, computers and a number of board and card games. Our youth workers are here for you also and always up for a quick chat or some guidance in what ever is your mind!

We organise tournaments against other youth centres, like LA-liiga in futsal.

Our band rehearsal spaces are situated in the neighbouring Pitäjänmäki comprehensive school. Apply for a regular practise time at the youth centre.

The youth centre runs an international group that takes part in the youth exchange programmes of the EU. Last summer, the group organised an international youth exchange in Helsinki and next year the young people in the group will be heading out to Europe. The international group regularly organises discos and band nights to visitors of all ages!

At the youth centre, we have a number of computers at your disposal. Our hall is a great place to, for example, set up a regular dance club with your friends. Our impressive sound system enables you to listen to music or practise your DJ skills. We also have a kitchen for you to do some cooking in. If you wan’t to organize a club for others, come and talk with the youth leaders and we’ll make it happen!

Our regular house meetings provide an opportunity for young people to influence our future activities. You can have your say on what the youth centre needs and what kind of events you would like to organise. All of the suggestions you leave in our suggestion box, The Box, are always discussed in the house meetings. Your suggestions help to make the youth centre even cosier!

We also regularly organise discos and band nights, planned and carried out by the young people themselves.

Contact information

Street address
Jousipolku 1 C2
00370 Helsinki

Postal address
PL 37437

(09) 310 89085